After I unboxed this little mighty computer and connected to it through a Linux shell I realized I wanted to upgrade the operating system from the 4.3 kernel to 4.4.

They have different images and versions, I chose the Headless 4.4 Kernel for my new experimental rover.

I’m not going to duplicate the instructions because their website does a decent job, here is the link on how to do so; I found the easier way is through their Chrome browser plugin.

CHIP with jumper wire attached

Once I installed the Headless 4.4 Kernel image the first thing I did is software updates but I needed to establish a WiFi connection first, however the image being headless, I only have a command line interface available… No problem, their web site had the info, here are the instructions I followed; they are simple and detailed, the wireless configuration worked successfully on the first try.

Once I established a successful WiFi connection I ran the standard update/upgrade commands:

chip@chip:~$ sudo apt update

chip@chip:~$ sudo apt upgrade

It might take a few minutes to complete both but when it’s done you have your basic building block for a neat rover or whatever you want it to be.

In a nutshell:

So now the CHIP is ready for whatever you have planned for it.

Stay tuned for more post regarding this little wonder, including a rover I built using it.


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